Artist's Statement

My pieces on glass, crystal, wood, canvas and Plexiglas are imbued with the intention to convey self-determination and freedom. At the root of my creations, there is also shadow.

My personal story is intrinsic to my art. I aim for my work to radiate resilience, optimism and spirituality, and not perpetuate the past. I cannot transform the world, but I can transform pain by creating beauty. My work will never be finished. Without artistic expression, I would remain tied in fetters, trapped in the past.

My artwork is recognizable by sheaves of colors that evoke pyrotechnics: bouquets of light that transform glass or canvas into a feast of sparkles and twinkles. My paintings are driven by gestures that are becoming more and more precise over time. My movement reaches new depths in my incessant quest to capture light in motion.

Using off-the-wall media surfaces influences my approach. At this stage of my art, glass and mirror call me. They allow one to see the first application of paint on the backside of the glass, then the final touch on the front. The viewer can simultaneously appreciate the first and last step of the production and get a glimpse of the path of creation, of experience. From the first trait of color to the last brushstroke, my artistic approach is an invitation to discover the act of creating.

My practice is one of slowness, to symbolically challenge the cult of speed. I want a slow beauty that generates lasting emotions. For brief moments, when I paint, I have the feeling of being in symbiosis with the world around me. Slow and steady wins.

I aim to be true, without any mask or filter other than my brushes, with a polychrome approach, varied, and complex. It is a joyous pandemonium, for better access to a new level of mysterious coherence.

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